5 Natural Moisturizer You Can Find In Your Kitchen


The upper layer or the first layer of skin protects us against harmful bacteria and viruses. If you use moisturizer and nourish your skin well and keep it clean. It will help you get a healthy and glowing skin. Your skin is exposed to pollution, dist, and dirt every second of the day. Everything you eat or drink is visible on your face. Dry skin, psoriasis, sores, rashes, dry eczema, moles are all a sign of improper diet and hormonal imbalance. By using natural facial masks, you can reverse age and reduce the effects, daily pollutants on your delicate skin.

The age-old household remedies for a picture perfect skin is creating significant ripples in the skin care industry throughout the globe. Many chemical products and brands have populated the market. The ingredients can become quite irritating for your skin if you try different variations of chemicals on your skin. Besides the products are quite expensive. However, the popularity of homemade moisturizer for dry skin is at buzz.

5 Natural Moisturizers You Can Find In Your Kitchen
5 Natural Moisturizers You Can Find In Your Kitchen

We Have Listed The Most Effective Homemade Moisturizer For A Glowing Skin.

Yogurt is a fantastic ingredient you must start using in your face masks. It works like magic on your skin with a visible difference right from the first application.

The nutrients in yogurt to nourish your skin:

Lactic acid– AHA helps exfoliate your skin by dissolving the dead cells. It helps keep skin clean.

Calcium– The epidermis is made up of several vital nutrients, and one of them is calcium.

Zinc– It is one of the most common skin renewal mineral used in most skin nourishing products. It helps destroy bacteria and get rid of dead skin cells.

Vitamin B– Hydrate and moisturize dry skin. It helps slow down the aging process, boosts cell renewal of the skin, and promotes radiant skin.

5 Natural Moisturizers You Can Find In Your Kitchen
5 Natural Moisturizers You Can Find In Your Kitchen
  1. Oatmeal  – It’ a gentle exfoliant. Its abrasive nature scrubs off the excess dead cells. It reduces the production of sebum, which blocks pores. The oatmeal pack soothes skin, giving it a glowing appearance.
  2. Egg white – Egg whites help control excess dryness as it has high Vitamin E content. They help shrinks large pores. It is quite effective in regulating the production of sebum pouring out of skin pores. It also tightens skin and helps reduce inflammation and keeps the skin hydrated.
  3. Lemon is a natural astringent which contains citric acid. It will tone and hydrate your skin Lemon juice reduces excess oils clogged deep within your skin pores, hence preventing more dull skin too.
  1. Honey is a natural moisturizer; it locks moisture into your skin cells. Honey exhibits antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties that fight off bacteria and reduces infection. The natural gold gives you soft skin. Honey also has skin lightening properties that help fade out pigmentation and dry sin patches.


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