How This Beauty Blogger Solved Her Acne Problem


Everyone can become victim to acne. Even some of the most glamorous Instagram influencers of today have had their share of acne problems in the past. One, in particular, is Diipa Khosla who remains to have one of the most stunning acne transformations so far.

Who is she?

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How This Beauty Blogger Solved Her Acne Problem
How This Beauty Blogger Solved Her Acne Problem

Diipa Koshla is an Instagram influencer based in London and Amsterdam. She curates enviable shots that are within the fashion and beauty category. She shares wonderful OOTDs and beauty secrets. Looking at her flawless skin, you’d find it hard to believe that she has had troubles with acne in the past. This article will explain how exactly she overcame the problem.

Her story

How This Beauty Blogger Solved Her Acne Problem
How This Beauty Blogger Solved Her Acne Problem

Like every other person, she began having acne breakouts as a teenager. Since her mother went through the same thing, she assumed that it’s just genetics and it’ll eventually pass. Unfortunately, it didn’t. By the age of 23, her self-esteem was at an all-time low. The self-confidence issues pushed her to the brink of almost giving up on her modeling career. Despite trying every acne treatment, detox, and diets, nothing worked.

She says that one night, she stumbled across an article that talked about the drug named Roaccutane. It is a drug that is used for clearing up acne. After thorough research, a lot of individuals have claimed positive results while there are also negative ones. Upon the recommendation of her mother, who is a doctor, she met up with a dermatologist the next day to discuss the drug.

The solution

How This Beauty Blogger Solved Her Acne Problem
How This Beauty Blogger Solved Her Acne Problem

The dermatologist is Dr Friedmann of Harley Street Dermatology Clinic based in London. He is considered to be one of the bests. After a lengthy discussion of her history with pimples, the dermatologist immediately prescribed Roaccutane. After about five months of treatment, her face was acne-free for the first time since her teenage years. She noted that the experience was life-changing. All that was left were the scars from the pimples.

For the pimples, her treatment of choice is the Ultraformer treatment offered by the PHI clinic. Along with that, she has developed a strict skincare routine that prevents breakouts. Every evening, she would apply a retinol-based product on her skin. For every morning, she applies a non-pore clogging moisturizer with Vitamin C.

The conclusion of her whole experience is that there is no exact mechanism as to how one can get rid of pimples. Every person’s skin is different. What works for one might not work for another. This is exactly why it is very important to consult with a dermatologist before subscribing to any acne treatment. A professional can make educated choices for every patient.

Another conclusion is to avoid judging a person’s skin. The impacts of
pimples can never be underestimated. It is truly damaging to a person’s confidence level and self-esteem, especially for those without a solid support system. Be sensitive to each person’s struggles because you have no idea what they’re going through.

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