How To Avoid And Treat Dry Skin At Home -

How To Avoid And Treat Dry Skin At Home

How to Avoid and Treat Dry Skin at Home

Having dry skin is a nightmare for most women out there. Don’t you hate that flaky and rough texture when you touch your arms? But don’t fret. There are different ways on how to avoid dry skin. If ever you already have it, then go for ideas on how to treat it.

Before we talk about the remedies for dry skin, let us first know what causes it.

What Causes Dry Skin

There are a lot of factors which could result in your skin is dry. It is essential to avoid them or if you can’t do that entirely then might as well lessen them.

  • Over washing

You might be the person who loves to take excessively long baths to get rid of stress and fatigue. But let me tell you this, over washing can cause dry skin.

Once you spend a long time under the shower or in your tub, you lose oils which are essential on keeping your body smooth and soft.

This goes as well with washing your hands more often than suggested. Soap and water tend to strip your hands from oil which will result to chapped hands.

How to Avoid and Treat Dry Skin at Home

How to Avoid and Treat Dry Skin at Home

  • Wrong Eating Habit

Chocolates, pizza, and chips can be of great help in making us happy, but they also have their downside. Yes, eating unhealthy food can give you dry skin. Having enough fatty acids in the body is the solution for this.

  • Dehydration

Okay, this is the most obvious reason why one has dry skin. Not having enough water supply in the body will eventually dry your body out, thus, making the skin dry. This will make you look dried up.

  • Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Do you tend to smoke and drink alcohol when you’re feeling stressed out? Then you might want to think about this habit of yours as it will give you dry skin. Even second-hand smoke could cause the drying of skin so you might as well avoid it as well.

Prevent the Horror it

There are natural remedies which could be done at home to re-hydrate your skin. You don’t need to go to expensive spas to get the deed done. Here is some home treatment that you can do:

How to Avoid and Treat Dry Skin at Home

How to Avoid and Treat Dry Skin at Home

  • Drinking Plenty of Water

As mentioned earlier, lack of water in your body causes the drying of your skin. Remember to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. Doing this will avoid your skin from getting dried up, and you look like an old lady.

  • Use Skin Care Products

There are a lot of skin care products available in malls and shops. Look for products with great reviews and try them out for yourself. Choose the one which works best for your skin.

Also, after taking a bath, gently pat your skin with a towel. Do not rub it forcefully because this is also one of the many causes of it.

When going out, use sunblock to protect your skin from the rays of the sun. It doesn’t matter what the weather is when you leave the house. It’s better to be prepared for Mr. Sun’s appearance, right?

  • Smoke and Drink Less

Sorry ladies, drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking heaps of cigarettes can damage your skin. We’re not saying that you have to avoid them altogether, but you could lessen them if you don’t want your skin to look like an alligator’s.

Consuming a tremendous amount of alcohol affects your sleeping habit. It is essential to have enough sleep for you to hydrate your body correctly. Having an inadequate relationship with your bed will eventually result to dry skin as well.

  • Proper Diet

No matter how hard this may sound, it is essential to have a proper diet if you want your skin to stay healthy. Time to head to the grocery and buy fruits and vegetables as well as throwing out those unhealthy junk in your kitchen.

How to Avoid and Treat Dry Skin at Home

How to Avoid and Treat Dry Skin at Home

For some, having dry skin is just a minor problem but guess again. There are several skin diseases that you could get if you don’t take good care of your skin. Avoiding the drying of your skin can be of great help in preventing such disease.

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