Keeping Your Skin Clear By Combating Acne

Keeping Your Skin Clear By Combating Acne

We all want a blemish-free smooth skin. But that doesn’t happen all the time due to the occurrence of acne. This awful acne embarrasses us from time to time. Whether you are a student or working in an office, these red zits can attack your skin at any time. Thus, keeping your skin clear is nearly a challenge, but not anymore! Follow these tips to combat acne and keep your skin blemish-free.

Keeping Your Skin Clear By Combating Acne
Keeping Your Skin Clear By Combating Acne

Keeping Your Skin Clear – 7 Tips

Wash Your Face With Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash

Washing your face twice a day with a suitable face wash having Benzoyl peroxide is essential. It will help in getting rid of the acne-causing bacteria and excess oil off the face.

Do Not Use Exfoliating Brush

After washing, use a soft towel to dry your face. Do not use any scrub or exfoliating brush on your skin. It might aggravate the condition.

Oil-Free Hair Is Vital

How hair and skin are connected? Well, if your hair is oily, it makes the skin oily. If your hair is dry and does not fall on your face, the chance of pimples occurring on the face, especially forehead will be less.

Sometimes, hair gels and pomade aggravate the acne. So, stop using them. If you use headbands that cover the forehead, get rid of it. It can enhance acne by accumulating sweat.

Keeping Your Skin Clear By Taking Shower

If you go for a workout or run every day, then right after coming back, wash your face thoroughly and take a shower. It will wash off the sweat from your face and body. Sweat contains acne-causing bacteria and sticks to our bodies.

Be Cautious While Removing Hair From The Face

If you have the habit of waxing or threading your face, it is better to stop them. These processes can make the condition worse. Instead, opt for an electric razor and use it in the downward direction very carefully to get rid of the facial hair. Make sure you clean the razor properly after every use.

Using Clean Bed Sheet

Make it mandatory to change the bed sheet every week. This is because the bed sheet contains dirt as well as oil when we every day. Once you rest your face there, that dirt and oil will come in contact with your skin. So, always use a clean bed sheet.

Keeping Your Skin Clear By Combating Acne
Keeping Your Skin Clear By Combating Acne

Keeping Your Skin Clear By Using Sunscreens

If you have to go out every day, make sure you apply a sunscreen with high SPF at least 20 minutes before going out. It will protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. If you stay outside for long hours, you need to reapply it after every 4 hours. But before that, you must make sure that the sunscreen is suitable for your skin. Read the label carefully while buying it. Or you can consult a dermatologist, and he or she can suggest an appropriate sunscreen.

These tips will help you in having clear skin. But if the condition worsens or your child is below eight years and has acne, go to the dermatologist without delay.

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