About The Types Of Heat Rashes

Types of heat rashes


Heat rashes  are quite common skin  conditions, especially in the  summers. Usually, they result from the blockage of sweat glands that causes perspiration seeping in the deeper layers of the skin. It takes the dirt and grime trapped under the layers of the  skin  causing inflammation, redness, and blister-like lesions appear on your skin  surface.  This kind of growth  on the  skin are termed  heat rashes.

Studies reveal that obese people are prone to develop these kind of rashes as they tend to sweat too much. Also the babies and infant suffer from prickly heat in the summer as their sweat glands are not fully developed.

Types Of Heat Rashes
Types Of Heat Rashes

 Symptoms Of  Heat Rashes

As you already know the most common symptoms of heat rashes include small red bumps. Doctors call it papules. They usually cause an itching sensation or cause an intense, prickling sensation. They can appear anywhere in the body where the perspiration is trapped.  However, the common areas mostly include underarms, neck, under the breasts, groin and scrotum. Since these areas are more prone to sweat and are not really open like other parts of the  body, blister like  rashes are quite likely to appear.

Heat Rash & Folliculitis

Although a type of  heat rash, folliculitis have different kind of entity. They also result from excessive sweat, however, the  blister is  only  formed when a hair follicle is infested with any foreign particle especially dirt and grime. Usually the dead skin cell can also get infected, causing painful inflammation and  can be a lot of troubles.

Types Of Heat Rashes

Heat rashes are subdivided into three categories depending on the nature of formation.

Miliaria Crystalline – This is the most common and widely accepted form of  heat rashes.  They form like blister which includes small clear (or white) bumps filled with fluid (in fact sweat or perspiration) on the surface of the skin. These are apparently harmless and they won’t cause any itching or pain. This is highly common in babies than adults. However, leaving it like that without any treatment can cause serious skin  conditions in the long run.

Miliaria Rubra – These are also known as prickly heat, as it is associated with red bumps on the skin, inflammation. However, the reason of its formation is not sweat or perspiration, rather the lack of it. Keep in mind,  they appear deep down underneath the skin’s layer. Hence they cause a lot of discomfort. If the pumps progress and become pus-filled,, it’s  recommended to see your doctor and get rid of it.

Miliaria profunda – This is the least common form of heat rash, but if it occurs, it causes loads of pin. It stems from dermis, the deepest skin layer. Apparently it does not cause any sort of pain and  disappear on its own  in  just few days, they can recur and become chronic. Miliaria profunda produces relatively large, tough, flesh-colored bumps.  Sometimes OTC  medication come to your help.

Heat rashes are extremely disturbing. It’s painful and  causes skin irritation.  To keep them  at bay, wear lose cotton clothes that allow enough air to pass inside.

Heat rashes are extremely disturbing. It’s painful and  causes skin irritation.  To keep them  at bay, wear lose cotton clothes that allow enough air to pass inside. Hydrate yourself by drinking water and taking showers every day.

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